Slot Machine Games with Vintage Symbols and Retro Symbols

There are some slot games that take you back in time, literally. You get to reminisce on the good old days with items that are probably antiques in this day and age. The games with vintage items or fashion slot are listed below. Sandlot Games offer a hige selection of free retro slots.

Hotline by Netent is a 1980’s themed slot game released in 2018. The intro into the game is like watching a mini clip from the Miami vibe movie from the 1980’s. The graphics are clean, modern and stunning. The reels are set against a Miami street backdrop with flashing neon lights, palm trees in the sunset and a hotel in the distance. The female lead steals some shiny diamonds and an epic car chase ensues. You definitely want to be the hot and sexy female thief on the run from the two detectives, Quinn and Rivera. The three characters are in 80’s style clothings, making them the retro symbols. Rivera has got the jheri curls going, while the female thief has the brick phone to aid her getaway. Hotline slot is filled with features like Wilds, expanding Wilds, Free Spins, Re-spins and a multi-level bonus bet feature called the Hotline Bonus Bet. This game has a lot to offer, so spin those reels while listening to some 1890’s music.

Retromania released in 2014 by Endorphina has the retro look and retro symbols to go along with the retro theme. This is also an 80’s style slot game that is obsessed with old things. The retro graphics and animation is two dimensional and very dull. In this 5 reel, 3 row and 9 paylines game, all the symbols are retro. You have the typewriter, rotary phone, film camera, film roll, vinyl record, cassette tape and a portable radio. My favorite symbol is the female headshot, she is decked up in some shades, lipstick, earrings and an 80’s bow hairstyle headband. Retromania features Wilds, Scatters and a board game based Bonus game. There is also a Gamble feature that can be initiated by a player, the win from a spin can be increased or lost during this feature.

Orient Express is a retro fashion styled slot game produced by Yggdrasil, it shows four characters on a ride of a lifetime on the Orient Express train. Released in 2017, this game was inspired by the luxurious orient express train that started operations in 1883 and travelled from Paris to Istanbul. The graphics are pleasing to look at and are of cartoon art. The transparent reels are set against a background that shows the city of Paris and the iconic Eiffel tower. The four characters are the retro symbols in this game, they are all elegantly dressed in attires from the early 19th century. The female character is in a red fur coat, she also has on hand gloves and a fancy hat while the three other gentlemen are dressed in suits. The game features walking Wilds, random Wilds, Wild Reels, Win Multipliers and Free Spins.

There are other slots that fall under the retro symbol category and most are produced by the one of the top industry leaders, NetEnt. The Groovy Sixties by NetEnt, the name tells you all you need to know about the slot. It is enriched with the 60’s pop culture and it is filled with colorful 60’s symbols like Lava Lamps, WV Beatles and movie projectors. Other games that lets you know what they are about before you spin the reels are The Super Eighties and The Funky 70’s slots by NetEnt. The Super Eighties slot has symbols such as the walkman, a gaming joystick, a flip phone and a red car with pop up headlights. The Funky 70’s has Funky high platform boots, disco ball and a computer from the 70’s as retro symbols.

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